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In order to accomplish its mission of supporting the internationalization of the Portuguese Economy, aicep Portugal Global has a network of more than 200 professionals distributed over 48 offices in 41 countries around the World.

The main activities developed by AICEP´s international network are:

• Market Research and identification of business opportunities for Portuguese companies

• Development of specific promotional activities of Portugal and/or Portuguese products and services in the foreign markets

• Identification of local business partners for Portuguese companies

• Assisting Portuguese companies to implement their business plans in the foreign markets

• Advising local companies interested in investing in Portugal

• Counseling Portuguese companies interested in investing in the foreign market

• Act as representative on behalf of Portuguese companies when negotiating with local authorities re: business development projects in the local market, and conduct follow up to these services

• Supplying local importers with information regarding Portuguese companies, its goods and services

Other Office in the U.S.A.: New York



3298 Washington Street

San Francisco, CA 94115


Email: aicep.s.francisco@portugalglobal.pt

1-415-706 4374