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CalAzor Online Gifts offers a variety of products that are custom designed and so unique for the shopper.

We have teamed up with Zazzle.com to bring only the highest quality items for consumers. Our lines are imported and American made, and are finished in the United States. Zazzle.com is based in Campbell, California.

We specialize in items of Portuguese, Azores, and Madeira themes, but also are expanding to offers themes from throughout the world. We look for the niche market area, so you will see a great variety of places from which to select.

We can produce 1 item or 10,000 for you! That is one of the great things about Zazzle. The more we produce, the lower the costs. If you have a store and want specific items, contact us. For all orders, go through our website.

Besides our main site, www.zazzle.com/Azorean, we also have several other sites for you to explore:


www.zazzle.com/Finance3000 (non-profit)




1270 Silverado Drive, Suite 100

San Jose, CA 95120-4032