Portuguese Organization:

By Foods




BY Foods’ mission is to develop and introduce innovative products in the food industry, identifying needs and providing the solutions, capable of disrupting channels in the global market. The focus is on traditional Portuguese pastries, as they have the potential for overcoming such staples as the croissant and the muffin. BY Foods started as a vehicle to push the Pastel de Nata into the world market. The brand Nata Pura was created to develop and market a pastry that was inherently linked to Portuguese culture, with all the respect for the centuries old tradition it demanded, and posses a logistic operation capable of handling transport storage and POS regeneration. BY Foods, in time, reinvented itself – it stopped being an exclusive purveyor of Natas, and started modeling its business practice to other traditional Portuguese pastries. The development of these new branded products is as sustainable as the development of Nata Pura was. The brand K-Jada houses the BY Foods version of Queijada. And many new branded products are currently in development, as well as exciting innovations for the developed products.



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