Portuguese Organization:

Caravela Portuguese Restaurant




Caravela Restaurant offers an authentic Portuguese dining experience to the beautiful Midtown Doral community in early 2019. Some of Caravela's savory dishes include chourico, grilled octopus, lamb chops, and bacalhau. Recipes are inspired by the daring early Portuguese sailors who chose to make the world a smaller, more intimate place by combining culture and flavors.
In the seafaring nation of Portugal, it is said that there are more than 365 ways to cook cod, one for each day of the year! Caravela offers several different styles of the famous Bacalhau including Arroz De Bacalhau, a codfish stew with rice. Bacalhau A Bras with fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, garlic, onions and EVOO, and many more!



7761 NW 107th Ave. Suite 2-11, Doral, FL, 33178 (Building 2)