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Casa dos Açores de Hilmar




The House of the Azores of Hilmar was founded on the 20th of December 1977. It was registered in the city of Sacramento, California, United States of America. The objectives of this organization are: to divulge Azorean culture, to provide assistance to immigrants, to an immigrant support center, and to provide the Azorean-American community with cultural, social and recreational opportunities. The House of Azores of Hilmar is a member of the World Council of Houses of the Azores(WCHA). In September 2010, all of the Houses of the Azores voted and unanimously decided to readmit it to the WCHA. The House of the Azores of Hilmar was not part of WCHA for some years. However, in September 2010, all of the Houses of Azores voted unanimously in favor of its readmission. In 2014, it assumed the Presidency of WCHA.



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