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Go Girl Magazine (http://www.travelgogirl.com) is a fresh new take on the global perspective of adventurous, independent women. We officially launched on October 1, 2009.

We first began as a travel blog to document the stories of women that travel independently. Not only is it difficult to travel alone in many countries as a woman, but it is nearly impossible in others. Social and cultural norms make a woman’s experience different wherever she goes and Go Girl wanted to document that. We advocated for the bus hoppers, the backpackers, the fruit cart-riders and the women who weren’t afraid to experience the world first-hand.

Though our beginnings focused almost exclusively on travel, Go Girl has naturally blossomed into a community of globally engaged women. Some of us travel; others do not. Yet one thing still holds true- wherever we are in the world, our experiences and our perspectives as women are unique. We are based everywhere and we write about everything — from becoming a grandmother in India to encountering albanism for the first time in Tanzania, to great places to find British scones in New York. Go Girl encourages active engagement on the local and international levels through volunteerism, travel and education. To date, we are read by readers in 110 countries and counting. We are Go Girls; powerful, independent women taking on the world.