Portuguese Organization:

Heart of Portugal Restaurant




Heart of Portugal Restaurant is located in the heart of Mineola. It has been part of this town for many years. With it\'s rustic facades and interiors, it\'s old fashion iron windows, doors, and the mural paintings. The outdoor patio with a beautiful garden, the cafe area and the newly reformed beautiful party room and cosy Lounge. Resembles the mystic and wonderful European ambiance! With a Portuguese continental cuisine,specialized in delicious and fresh seafood dishes, like Paellas, Mariscadas etc., also with a great variety of meat and traditional Portuguese dishes. To complement this wonderful Portuguese house there\'s a wine cellar with a great selection of Portuguese wines. Also time to time, we have the pleasure to offer our customers wonderful events of live Portuguese Fado and other Musical suggestions, performed by local musicians and singers from Portugal.



Mineola, NEW YORK 11501