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Iberian Rooster




Thank you for taking the time to leave your world behind and enter a place in which you can explore and travel most of the continents! Whether it's my grandmother's recipes or traditional dishes from places such as Macau, Goa, Mozambique and Brazil, Iberian Rooster is here to help you explore the culinary arts that resulted from hundreds of years of exploration and fusion. At the Iberian Rooster we mix the culinary arts, the art of mixing cocktails, visual arts and music to help provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Our hope is that the Iberian Rooster becomes that safe space for you to escape the world you know and enter one you enjoy. On a personal note, the Iberian Rooster is my family's legacy. We are family owned and all of our dishes are carefully crafted from scratch. Our desserts and breads are prepared daily by our in-house pastry chefs and are entirely nut free, due to my son having a sweet tooth and a nut allergy. Many of our recipes use spice blends my grandmother formulated at her restaurant in Tanzania. My father is Portuguese born in Goa, and some of the dishes, such as the Goan Patties and Sorpotel, come from food I would eat as a child. While these might be exotic in nature, they bring me back to my child hood with every bite and I sincerely hope you enjoy them. Thank you for being our guest and join us in exploring the lands of Portuguese influence!



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