Portuguese Organization:

Jardim de Portugal Restaurant




When you enter Jardim de Portugal you walk into a lively family friendly environment,
with an elegant setting that welcomes both children and adults.
Our main goal is to offer quality and excellent customer service.
Aromatic smells coming from our open kitchen that gives you a taste of what to expect.
You will always find something to satisfy your appetite.
The menu offers a variety of healthy and filling meals, featuring meat, fish,seafood and codfish .
Even if you are vegetarian, do not be discouraged! There are healthy alternatives waiting for you.
If you stop by for lunch Jardim de Portugal offers a special lunch menu with entrees at reduce prices ,surely to fit your taste.
We bring to your table the best of the traditional , homemade Portuguese cuisine , fresh products that make dining out something to remember .
Also offering a variety of wine selection that you can appreciate and pair with your meal.
To complete your dining experience nothing like a homemade dessert to satisfy any sweet cravings you may have.
The management and staff is genuinely friendly and family oriented.
The main thing you need to do is relax and go along for the ride.
And if you don't want to leave home, Jardim de Portugal can come to your door with just one phone call.
Both takeout and delivery is offered , with plenty of free parking available for our guests and a wait staff that speaks Portuguese, English and Spanish.
If you want a full course diner experience, expect nothing but the best at Jardim de Portugal .



2750 SW 26th Ave. Ste C, Miami, FL 33133

(786) 332-2445