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Luso Food & Wine




Come in and raise a glass of Portuguese Wine to toast our newest Seattle Small Business arrival– Luso Food & Wine, located at 9988 15th Ave SW in Seattle.

Come in and see what’s NEW at Luso!

Luso, is a Import Beer and Wine Specialty Shop. The owner, Fatima Eremita Hemmons (Tina) has wine tastings, usually around major holidays, so please call for dates, times and details.

Some of the Wines she imports, are highly ranked from Juries all over the World, with Gold Metals and Wine Spectator Awards.

Some of the beer she carries have 26 consecutive Gold Metals.

But it’s not all Beer & Wine, she also serves Lunch, so come in and check out “This Weeks Specials” starting at $4.99 from 11:am to 7:pm Tuesday thru Sunday.

Let Tina make you a Salad with her palate pleasing, special olive oil. Even better, just come and meet Tina, she’s serves healthy food and her tasty treats will make you come back again and again.

Tina was born in Goa, the most beautiful former Portuguese Colony on the SW coast of India. She spent many years in England and has been living and raising her family in the United States of America since 1980. Hence, most of the amazing food and wine comes from Portugal, Goa and England.

Goa is a former Portuguese colony on the SW coast of India. Goa’s distinct culture is a legacy of its Colonial past. Anyone visiting Goa will see that the Portuguese influence of 450 years is evident in people’s dress, language, religion, music and its cuisine (an Indo-Portuguese). Goa is one of India’s most popular holiday resorts, with its idyllic beaches, lush paddy fields, coconut plantations, pretty white churches, cathedrals and grand mansions.

A cool new spot offering Portuguese Wines, Beer, and specialty Teas and Spices from India.



9988 15th Ave SW, Suite C, White Center, WA, United States, 98146

(206) 767-1014