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Nicolau Farms




Nicolau Farms is one of the last remaining goat farmsteads left in California milking around 150 of our dairy goats. By farmstead we our self sustaining growing the food for our goats on our 27 acres and produce our farmstead cheeses right on the farm. Our milk is sent directly from the goats to the cheese room where it is stored and awaits the cheese making process. We also follow the natural breeding season of the goats which means they take a few months off during the winter to rest and prepare for their new kids in the spring. However we have some select chosen members of the heard which are milked once a day year round providing a select few customers with our fresh chevre on a year round basis. Now our chevre may vary throughout the year being Nicolau Farms is 100% All Natural and does not standardize or altar our milk or cheese in any way; we also use All natural cures and remedies on our goats using NO hormones, antibiotics or conventional medicines. This All Natural wholesome milk is what makes Nicolau Farms finished product so delectable and delicious.



4451 S Carpenter Rd
Modesto, California

(209) 538-4558