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Sagres Bar & Restaurant




Inspired by the legendary city of Sagres, located in the South of Portugal where Prince Henry the navigator founded his famous navigation school, Sagres bar and Grill reflects both the tradition of its Portuguese heritage without forsaking the best of European cuisines such as the one from Spain, France and Italy allowing you to explore and navigate through a new world of taste and wonder.

Located in one of the most pleasant spots in the multicultural and vibrant Ironbound (Newark NJ),
Sagres Bar& Grill will delight you with its staff, food and ambiance. Cozy and unpretentious, it offers a casual yet lively romantic atmosphere that everyone is sure to enjoy.

The Menu at Sagres Bar and Grill features a large array of great selections, made from the freshest and highest quality ingredients. As you may find out through our menu, our chef’s endeavors will reminisce and revive memories of the old continent when our food is served at your very own table – in the New World
We don’t rely upon fine cuisine solely but also on the right staff to conquer your patronage so you and your friends may also become part of our family too.



44 Prospect Street
Newark NJ 07105
Ironbound District