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Heath De Fount (da Fonte Garcia)-Haberlin is an author, genealogist, historian, musician and chef.

Heath De Fount (da Fonte Garcia)-Haberlin is a 7th generation San Franciscan and a fifth generation Azorean Portuguese-American. His great great grandfather Louis (da Fonte Garcia) De Fount left Porto Pim in Faial, on a New Bedford whaling ship in 1876. Louis arrived in San Francisco (Sausalito), California in 1878.

In October of 2013, Heath De Fount (da Fonte Garcia)-Haberlin traveled to the Azores (to Pico, Faial and Sao Jorge) and visited his da Fonte Garcia family. He extensively documented his Azorean trip/family pilgrimage via 3,000 photographs and through his own personal blog entries as well. He also every city, every church and every graveyard where his Azorean Portuguese De Fount (da Fonte Garcia) once lived and where thousands of them still live today.