Through our projects we are able to focus and expand on the various contributions made by our community. Our programs focus on these specific areas:


Government Relations Program

PALCUS was founded with the objective of serving as the singular national voice for the Portuguese-American community in DC.


International Relations Program

Since its founding, PALCUS has maintained a strong relationship with the government of the Republic of Portugal through its embassy in Washington, DC and its consulates throughout the United States. Moreover, it has developed strong ties with the Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira.


Education & Cultural Programs

PALCUS supports educational opportunities in all areas for all Portuguese-Americans but in particular supports the promotion and maintenance of the Portuguese language and culture in the United States.


Community Relations Programs


Leadership Recognition

The PALCUS Leadership Awards are presented annually to outstanding Portuguese-Americans who have distinguished themselves by noteworthy achievement in their professions or service to the community.