Adopt-a-School Program


PALCUS supports educational opportunities in all areas for all Portuguese-Americans but in particular supports the promotion and maintenance of the Portuguese language and culture in the United States.


Towards this end, PALCUS has developed a pilot program to Adopt-a-School that supports the teaching of Portuguese.  PALCUS has adopted the Espirito Santo Elementary School of Fall River, MA celebrating 100 years of teaching the Portuguese language and culture.  PALCUS provides assistance with donations of books, professional development workshops for teachers as well as parent conferences to emphasize the importance of becoming bilingual and biliterate.  


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For more information about the teaching of Portuguese in the United States, contact:


Fernanda Costa

Coordenadora do Ensino Portugues nos EUA

Coordinator for the Portuguese Language Program and Education Affairs in the United States


Instituto Camoes - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Embassy of Portugal

2012 Massachusetts Ave, NW

Washington, DC 20036