Fellowship with Universidade Catolica

One PALCUS Member per Year to be Awarded Full Fellowship in Portugal


PALCUS has a partnership with Católica University in Portugal, where one of their Fellowships will be reserved for a PALCUS Member. The Fellowship covers an entire degree, either undergraduate or graduate, not just one year or one semester. This is an incredible opportunity for our youth and we are proud to collaborate with such a prestigious university.

Católica Fellowships for Portuguese American Students

Universidade Católica Portuguesa offers 5 fellowships to Portuguese American students seeking undergraduate or Masters level degrees in any field of knowledge. The CFPA Fellowships are merit based fellowships awarded to American students of Portuguese descent, who wish to seek a degree at Universidade Católica Portuguesa. The fellowship consists in a full tuition waiver tenable for 36 months for an undergraduate degree (48 months for a degree in Law), or for 24 months for a Master degree, provided the grantee keeps an excellent academic record. The student, in order to continue receiving the scholarship for the second year, should successfully complete a minimum number (depending on the program followed) of courses during the first year, and have obtained a minimum GPA of 15 (on a scale of zero to twenty). The CFPA fellowship is worth up to 6333€/academic year. All remaining costs (housing, living expenses, traveling, health insurance, etc.) are the student’s responsibility. 

The fellowship is awarded to applicants for undergraduate degrees  and M.A. and MSc degrees in every field of knowledge.

Sabrina _10.JPEG
"The Católica Fellowship for Portuguese American Students offered me a unique experience that I will be forever grateful for. The Católica fellowship not only encouraged me to grow as a student, but also strengthened my relationship to my culture. Universidade Católica Portuguesa is a prestigious university with programs for everyone, and while my degree was certainly challenging, the opportunity and experience is worth it".
Sabrina Brum