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As a first step you should visit the embassy website and then those of your local Consulate. However if you still have questions or need help, there are private agencies that help with filling out paperwork, power of attorneys, translations, etc.

POSSO in San Jose, CA

Marie B. Kelly and Associates in Turlock, CA

Portugal ReConnect in Newark, NJ


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These questions are added as we continue to get questions from the community

Q: If a minor is applying for citizenship through a grandparent (someone who is young enough that they can't read or write), how do they fulfill the language requirement for that path?

A: They can’t. The citizenship through a grandparent requires proof of language skills. If he can’t write or read, he can’t fulfill the requirement.


Q: If there is a minor whose parent is a Portuguese citizen, and the parent has passed away, what documentation is needed for the minor to get their citizenship?  does their guardian need any specific paperwork?

A: Yes. A certificate of death and a document showing who has legal custody of the child. If its the mother, then you just need proof of death of the father. The guardian will sign the request on behalf of the minor, but all the documentation belongs to the child


Q: How long between someone getting their citizenship and them applying for their children? Is there a length of time they have to wait?

A: No. But they do need to have the “cartão do cidadão” done before, as all portuguese citizens are required to keep their information up to date. And if there is a marriage, they need to register the marriage in Portugal before passing nationality to their children.


Q: If someone can't get an appointment at their local consulate, how can they get access to the Livro de Reclamações to file a complaint?

A: Email the consulate, or go to

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