Council of 100


The Council of 100 was created in 2007 to provide financial support for PALCUS and its programs. Beyond funding, its members provide a more important role as advisors to the organization. It serves to identify the issues which need to be addressed in the community, and to influence PALCUS’ national agenda accordingly. The Council is proud to consist of thirteen members and is growing. If you would like more information about the Council’s mission or would like to become a member please contact us.


Council of 100 Members

Mrs. Alda Petitti, C.P.A.

Mr. Antonio Frias, S&F Concrete
Mr. Antonio Matinho, Luso-Americano Newspaper
Mr. Eduardo Cruz, EE Cruz Construction
Mr. Evaristo Cruz, EE Cruz Construction
Mr. Fernando Rosa, HEDCO
Mr. John Rebelo
Mr. José João Morais, Morais Enterprises
Mr. Manuel Mira, Tektone, Inc.

Mr. Marc F. Rosa, Grossman Group/ Merrill Lynch
Mrs. Marie Ray Fraley, Rhode Island College

Mr. Tony Andrade, Signature Printing

Luso-American Foundation  (FLAD)