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Portuguese is the sixth most spoken language in the world, and the third most spoken language on Facebook!  If you are fluent in Portuguese, you have a unique skill that could help you secure a position in a promising career. 


Look at the recent job posts on the Jobs for Portuguese Speakers page on Facebook that PALCUS maintains.  If you have a job to post, feel free to post it directly to the Facebook page.


You can also do your own search at the top job sites listed below.  Just type in the word “Portuguese” and you’ll be surprised at how many jobs are out there for Portuguese speakers.  


Jobs for Portuguese Speakers








Below is a list of job sites and job boards, many of which have email newsletters.  You can search by industry, job title, or even do a search on the word “Portuguese” to find jobs that require proficiency in the Portuguese language.


Good luck in your job search!