Mentorship Program


Our community is made up of professionals in every industry, and what better way to help our youth than to provide insight and guidance specific to your profession. The PALCUS Mentorship Program provides young Portuguese-Americans an opportunity to connect with Portuguese professionals who are working in their desired profession, learn the ins and outs of that profession, and receive guidance that one can only learn from being on the job. This program also gives Portuguese professionals an opportunity to give back to the community, and do their part to ensure the next generation is prepared and successful in their careers.


How involved the relationship will be is up to the mentor and mentee – you decide if you restrict your relationship to email and phone only, or if you live near each other, you can meet up in person. There is no financial obligation, only giving of your time to an aspiring young Portuguese-American.

If you are interested in being a mentor, or you are a student and would like to connect with a mentor, fill out the form below.


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