Make Portuguese Count™

in the Classroom

for the 2020 U.S. Census

Why Make Portuguese Count™ in the Classroom?

  1. To promote civic education and engagement about the 2020 Census among Portuguese-American students attending Portuguese Language Programs;

  2. To promote Portuguese Pride through self-identification of one’s own ancestral origins;

  3. To be the "messengers" sharing information with family and friends about the importance of the 2020 Census and how to participate and respond to Question #7: Race / Origins;

  4. To nurture the value of civic engagement and community service.

Thanks to the collaboration of Dr. Silvia Oliveira and the Institute for Portuguese and Lusophone World Studies at Rhode Island College, the PALCUS Make Portuguese Count™ Campaign is able to provide resources and lesson plans specific to topics about the 2020 U.S. Census for classroom teachers of Portuguese.  Some of the lessons have been adapted from the U.S. Census website "Statistics in Schools" by the teachers attending the "Encontro de Professores de Português" last October but also by Dr. Oliveira and translated by her and Institute interns. This project would not have been possible without her work.

Many thanks for the cooperation of the Portuguese Language Programs and Education Affairs in the U.S.A. for supporting and promoting this project:

  • João Caixinha, Coordinator (Boston)

  • José Carlos Adão, Deputy Coordinator (Newark)

  • Duarte Pinheiro, Deputy Coordinator (California) 

Camões, Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua, I.P., 

Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiros/Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Dear Portuguese Teachers,


As promised, we are making available to all teachers the lesson plans from the October 26, 2019 Portuguese Teachers Workshop at Rhode Island College for your review and input!


Please access the shared folder on the link below. Inside, you will find folders with thematic lesson plans. You will also see blank lesson and unit templates.




  • Please suggest changes to the lesson plans, unit plans and activities: please review in suggestion mode so we don't lose anyone's input: comments, changes, additions, deletions are all welcome!


  • Feel free to use the chat tool in each document for communicating live with each other.


  • Would you prefer another Census theme? Start a lesson or unit plan and invite participation!


  • Do you have an idea for an activity? Start it on a google doc!


  • Please complete your reviews and comments by January 13, 2020.


We are asking teachers nationwide for their input. By February 1st, we will share the lesson plans with Portuguese teachers nationwide through the PALCUS' and Instituto Camões' US Portuguese teachers mailing lists.



  • All collaborators will be acknowledged with their consent, and the Institute will issue certificates of participation by request.

Access the lesson plans on this link:


Census 2020 activities translated to Portuguese:



Muito obrigada pela vossa participação!


Make Portuguese Count™ in the Portuguese Classroom 2020 is sponsored by

The Institute for Portuguese and Lusophone World Studies at Rhode Island College

Make Portuguese Count™ / PALCUS

Thank you for your kind attention,

Dr. Sílvia Oliveira, IPLWS Director | (401)456-8496

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