Make Portuguese Count!


PALCUS is working to ensure Portuguese is counted as an ethnicity option in the 2020 Census.


For changes in the Census questions the mayor of each city often appoints members of the Complete Count Committee (CCC). Committees consist of influential community leaders who are charged with developing a census awareness campaign that:

- Communicates the importance of the census through local messaging.

- Raises awareness of the census throughout the city.

- Motivates every household in the city to participate in the census by completing the questionnaire thoroughly and in a timely manner.

- Increases the city's self-response rate.


PALCUS is in talks with many of these Committees in areas with a large Portuguese American population. These Committees then present the proposed changes to Congress, which then needs to approve the new wording for  the 2020 Census.



Contact your elected officials, on a local and state level and let them know the importance of including Portuguese as an ethnicity option in the 2020 Census.